HD Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Screen Replacement-Repair Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Screen Replacement-Repair Tutorial

This video is about Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Screen Replacement-Repair Tutorial

Replacement Parts for Samsung Galaxy S20

Back Cover Adhesive:

The display of your Galaxy S20 can get broken or ineffective because of unsuitable operation and crash. You can buy a Galaxy S20screen to fix the problem.
It is difficult and complicated to separate OLED screen and touch screen when you want to repair each of them. The video shows you the best solution to replace the broken or ineffective screen of your Galaxy S20 。

Follow this video to replace the digitizer and OLED screen of your Galaxy S20 in below conditions:
The screen of your Galaxy S20 got broken, cracked;
Colored spots and lines keep showing on the screen;
There is an orange spot in the same area of the display screen;
Rainbow pattern or color-blocks shows on some areas of the screen;
The touch screen is not sensitive enough to execute your orders.

We will upload other repair guides of Galaxy S20 as soon as possible. Tell us which part of Galaxy S20 you want to replace at comment section.

1. Heat gun / Hairdryer
2. Multi-purpose screwdriver
3. Plastic card
4. Ultra-thin plastic sheet
5. Screen Adhesive
6. Battery cover adhesive
7. Tweezers

Schematic, boardview, service manual:

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